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Tadeo Lopez Label

Tadeo Lopez

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Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

Sourced by: Shared Source

Guatemalan coffees are close to my heart. My first coffee on a production machine was a washed coffee from Guatemala. And when I started roasting at my first gig as a production roaster, I had a long day full of only Guatemalan roasts. Lastly, almost always I find Guatemalan coffees straightforward to roast (less headache, more lovely coffee to drink immediately hehe). It goes without saying that I look forward to sampling fresh Guatemalan coffees every year! 

Botz personally prizes Guatemalan coffees for their razor-clean acidity and endlessly chuggable flavor profiles. If you’ve been tasting Botz coffees for a while now, you may have pleasantly noticed that even coffees from the same region or area can taste vastly different depending on how the coffee was processed, its variety, its micro-climate, and who vigilantly looked after its production from start to finish.

Tadeo Lopez’s coffee (full caturra lot) is the first of two Botz releases this year from Guatemala. Many Guatemalan coffees I’ve tasted tend to have massively satiating and rich profiles (think chocolate fountain with dried fruits). When I cup new Guatemalan coffees, I really tend to cherry-pick these lots because I think they’re so familiar and nostalgic for many coffee drinkers – strong, rich, dark (even if it’s not the roast hehe). On a cupping table full of many heavily-saturated hitters, however, Tadeo Lopez’s coffee showed an elegant, soft brilliance that immediately captured my attention and emphasized how stellar his coffee is.  Having a lemonade-like acidity, pink lady flavor, and a lovely and lengthy brown sugar aftertaste, it showcased a juicy profile that certainly deserved a spot on Botz’s coffee menu.

My absolute favorite part of drinking Tadeo Lopez’s coffee is the rushing sensation of colors resembling a pink lady apple you get with your first bite. Reddish-pink blush with a little hint of yellow. From the Botzonian feedback I’ve received so far, many have highlighted the cascading sweetness this coffee provides as it races across their palate. If you love the crisp, sweet and balanced chomp of a pink lady, this will be your go-to coffee every morning.

***Please note that coffee orders are roasted, processed, and shipped on Wednesdays. The cutoff for orders is 12:00 pm each Tuesday.***