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Danny here, creator of the wicked cute roasting machine, Botz. Botz Coffee was born out of a love for coffee roasting, video games, and an endearing nickname my sister has been calling me since childhood.  After honing my skills across the U.S., I returned to my hometown of Munster, Indiana to start a micro-roastery focused on buying ethically sourced green in small quantities and delivering a fresh, thoughtful menu.  My goal is to imbue each batch of coffee with a different character, so whether you’re experiencing a warm sense of nostalgia or a playful new flavor combination, you’re excited to greet the Botz bag for your morning brew.

I could give a long-winded story of how I became enamored with roasting and brewing (do reach out if you want to hear it), or list my specialty coffee credentials and experience, but my robot radar tells me that most of you are already feeling reader fatigue, so instead I want to convince you to support Botz.  Please read what I’m about below.

Botz Standards –

  • I will be transparent with my roasting practices. You will know the profile I chose for any given coffee.  
  • I will cup and taste every batch of coffee I roast for you and will only sell it if it meets my quality standards. No exceptions.
  • I may not be able to travel to coffee producers (yet) to connect you to the people that make coffee a reality, but I will buy coffees from importers that are invested in fostering a transparent and sustainable coffee community.
  • I refuse to claim that I know it all. I will only give an answer to your question if I have full confidence in it. If I don’t know the answer, I will be on a mission to find it.
  • I will be open, honest, and positive.  I will do my best to treat my employees and partners with respect and care.
  • I will continue to learn about and support initiatives promoting racial and social equality.

Feel empowered? Confident? Stoked? That’s Botz Coffee. Do the robot, geek out, and brew Botz.

Beep Boop,


Danny Falloon