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Botz Coffee has landed at 1908 Clark Street in Whiting, IN.  Please allow me to introduce myself. 

First, I come in peace. Second, I bring beans.  

1908 Clark is Botz’s roasting HQ and a weekend tasting room. On Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-3pm, we will open up this space to serve take-out drip coffee, cold brew and pour-overs highlighting our latest roster of beans.  We invite you to enjoy a drink and chocolate chip cookie on our picnic tables.  Our tiny shelves will be stocked with freshly roasted beans and quirky merch.  Please grab a cup on the way to Whihala beach or the bike trail or a Northwest Indiana Oilmen game—we want to accompany you all your local adventures. The intention is to level up and offer coffee roasting classes for interested enthusiasts.  To infinity, and beyond.

We’re currently oiling our parts and building you a special space: imagine Mr. Rogers serving you sweet Willy-Wonka flavored brews at a PokeStop in a galaxy far, far away. So stay tuned! Spread the Word! Do the robot!