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Roasting curves are visualizations that assist in monitoring beans’ (or their surfaces’) collective temperature throughout a roast. In short, they show a roaster how hot the beans are getting and at what rate. For professionals and intense coffee aficionados, these curves serve as blueprints – they help us to understand why coffees taste the way they do and to calibrate nuanced taste profiles. From a production and quality control standpoint, roasting curves are immensely important, as they give the roaster a means of assessing whether the product is the same from roast-to-roast.

It is my intention to become the most forthright and consistent roaster I can be, and posting my own curves holds me accountable. In the beginning of my coffee roasting career, I found access to these curves and discussion regarding them practically obsolete. I have a feeling there are many aspiring coffee roasting and brewing nerds out there that would be excited to taste or cup a coffee while staring at that specific roast’s trajectory. Call me crazy (I may be…), but I’m excited to see if these curves jumpstart any discussion. So please, sip and stare. Feel free to send me an email with thoughts or questions. 

See curves below. Also please check out our YouTube channel where we post roast profile music videos. 

Las Perlitas 2.0