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Pedro Rivera Label

Pedro Rivera

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Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Sourced by: Shared Source

It’s that time of year, Botzonians, when Botzonia becomes Bourbonia. More than any other coffee variety that Botz has offered, pink bourbon lots seem to be an unmatched favorite among Botz fans…to the point of pink bourbon madness (a condition when all you want to drink are pink bourbon lots).

Personally, pink bourbon madness is a completely understandable disposition. Florals, ripe tropical fruit, sugary richness, berries – it’s almost as if the variety encompasses all flavor possibilities.

So far (it’s possible that more could come hehe), Botz is offering two pink bourbon lots this year. Luckily for those with pink bourbon madness, they offer two different flavor experiences that showcase the versatility of the pink bourbon variety.


Pedro Rivera’s lot is Botz’s second pink bourbon option of the year, and it has major flavor complexity reminding me of my favorite wines – electric Rieslings.

There are particular pink bourbon lots that have an unmistakable apple pop (like when you get hit with a bit of apple juice from your first cut of an apple slice). When I was tasting Pedro Rivera’s lot, I did experience this apple pop, but it had another layer making it more multi-dimensional than a typical malic bomb. It was zippy and crisp like apple cider, but also had an acidity more akin to white grapes. The finish had subtle vanilla in combination with a hint of creamy butter. Then it hit me – it really was like some of my favorite plumper Riesling bottles.

Pedro Rivera’s pink bourbon lot is a perfect addition to the Botz coffee lineup because of its refined and elegant confidence. Its profile offers an interpretation of the pink bourbon variety focused on more subtly expressed fruits and flavor sensations. While drinking it, as is the case with many outstanding coffees and wines, you’ll find yourself deep in thought exploring the many fruity passages of your flavor memories to understand exactly what makes it so enticing and chuggable. We hope you’re absolutely enticed by its extensive flavor range!

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