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Nueva Esperanza Label

Nueva Esperanza

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Process: Washed

Sourced by: Catalyst Trade

For my entire life, I’ve never been a huge orange fan. I’m not a peeler and always found them a bit exhausting. And while I’ve never been too obsessed with the citrusy orange flavor, in combination with chocolate, I find it utterly irresistible (go figure). If only there were some way to experience an orange slice without all the fuss and maybe a touch of chocolate… 

Terry’s chocolate oranges may (and I’m not exaggerating) be one of my favorite things of all time. I frankly find them to be genius. Is there any better feeling than putting them in the freezer and whacking them on the kitchen counter to evenly distribute all their perfect slices? I’ll wait.

Imagine my surprise then when I broke the crust of Nueva Esperanza on the cupping table and it invoked the same “whack” of all my Terry oranges of old. Citrus and chocolate in perfect combination – no messing around (literally and figuratively). In a world of increasingly complex flavor profiles, Nueva Esperanza for me represents a time-tested flavor combo that’s rich, saturated, and endlessly brewable. Every day this coffee makes it into my brewing lineup because it reminds me that there is elegance in classic flavor singularity. After your first brew, we have a feeling you’ll feel the same way.

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