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Nestor Lasso Label

Nestor Lasso

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Variety: Caturra Chiroso

Process: Washed

Sourced by: Falcon Specialty NA

After a trip to visit my sister in New York City, I became obsessed with sorbet.  I tasted raspberry sorbet at Superiority Burger, a lovely “burger” joint dedicated to all veggie everything, and one bite in, I immediately bought Brooks Headley’s “Superiority Burger Cookbook” to uncover just why I was so enamored with this spot’s luxurious icy fruit.

Truthfully, I can’t remember if it was in the cookbook or in an interview with Brooks Headley himself, but he mentioned something about sorbet that aligned all the stars for my taste buds – it’s that sorbet is like making a fruit taste even more like the said fruit (a fruit magnified if you will). To me, it just made so much sense. When I tasted Superiority Burger’s raspberry sorbet, it was like I was tasting a ripe raspberry x 10 (it’s really amazing what sugar and malic acid can do for fruits in combo haha).

This sorbet-fruit sensation is one I absolutely prize in coffee. I’ve tasted “peaches” in coffee, but never have I tasted magnified peach until I tried a Diego Bermudez YN-09 lot (if you’ve tasted these lots, you know what I mean). There’s something distinct about processing that can take a green coffee and its raw potential and push it even further into sorbet mode. Nestor Lasso’s extended fermentation washed caturra chiroso lot (first-time variety at BOTZ), similar to some of the Diego Bermudez lots I’ve tasted has, for me, an amplified mango character that I just can’t shake. There’s a slight peachiness in the cup along with a lemon-lime effervescence that immediately signifies this coffee is a showstopper. It may not have the same amount of sugar as sorbet, but I promise it has just as much fruit character and explosiveness!

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