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Miguel Moreno Label

Miguel Moreno

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Origin: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Process: Honey

Variety: Pacas

Sourced by: Collaborative Coffee Source

I’ve always been a sucker for strawberries and a touch of creaminess. Strawberry Nesquik, dried strawberries in Special K cereal, strawberry ice cream - if it has the fruity and creamy combo, sign me up!

Botz has had a couple of true strawberry bombs that remind me of a fruity jam or preserves. But Botz hasn’t had a coffee yet that has offered rare strawberry creaminess. Well, that is until Miguel Moreno’s coffee landed at Botz.  Cue the ice cream truck song!

I personally believe this unique flavor combo exists because of the honey-processing this coffee underwent. Botz has only served one other honey-processed coffee, but in their best renditions, they seem to offer a lovely balance between a washed coffee and naturally-processed coffee. There are hints of fruity ferment with a few washed characteristics like a clean acidity. Miguel Moreno’s coffee itself offers soft strawberry and tropical notes while giving way to a more traditional and balanced finish.

Undoubtedly, my favorite part of this coffee is its very recognizable cream soda flavor that intermingles with the soft strawberry note. When I was younger, as a reward for behaving at the local barber shop for my haircut, my Mom would take me to a small boutique grocery store to buy a Jones Cream Soda (if you haven’t had one you must). To this day, this soda and its lovely vanilla flavor, milky texture, and fizzy sensation remind me of some of my favorite moments with my family. When I cupped Miguel Moreno’s coffee and experienced it once again, I knew it was a unique flavor experience that could spark a new coffee memory for you for years to come!

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