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Los Patios label

Los Patios

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Variety: Castillo

Process: Honey

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

It’s been a while since BOTZ has leaned more toward the wilder and fruitier side of coffee processing. While we were sampling coffees to feature at our first cafe takeover at Suited in NYC, we were intensely focused on one coffee for its jammy complexity and tangy red fruit resonance. Sip after sip, we were pleasantly surprised by this coffee’s intensity, weight, and flavor flow. Los Patios, we deemed, was the perfect fruity addition to our menu of washed lasers. 

While you might experience softer fruits and laser clarity with some of BOTZ’s washed coffees, the honey processing utilized with Los Patios shifts the profile to one of heavy red fruit buoyancy that’s weighty and flows assertively across the palate with confidence. The acidity is rather tangy and reminds us of sangria and sugar macerated raspberries. With a twizzler candy sweetness in combination with heavy and coating body, you’ll find each sip to be saccharine and pulsating. If you’ve been looking for an absolutely HUGE coffee that’s unabashedly fruit forward and fun, it’s time to lean in and embrace Los Patios’s tangy personality!  

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