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La Esperanza Label

La Esperanza

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Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed 

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

Last year BOTZ featured a pink bourbon lot from La Esperanza that was prized across Botzonia for its tangerine sweetness and peachy profile. It was one of BOTZ’s most popular offerings, and since its last batches, we’ve been yearning for more La Esperanza pink bourbon magic. Lucky for you, a new pink bourbon lot from La Esperanza is here and it offers a truly unique profile with wild flavor dimensions.

Full disclosure – this is the tangiest pink bourbon lot BOTZ has ever offered. Our own BOTZ definition of tangy centers around huge pulsating and reverberating fruits, offering a pleasantly strong and overt candied fruit experience. The aromatics of this coffee lead with peach and apple blossom, celebrating the favorite flavors of the pink bourbon variety, but upon sipping, you’ll find a tangy wave resembling peach bramble and grape jolly ranchers. The acidity is intense and full resembling concord grapes and tart malic acidity. The body is heavy and slippery. The finish ping pongs between peach and grape gum. 

If you’ve been journeying with BOTZ through our own self-proclaimed pink bourbon madness, this tangy and electric pink bourbon variant from La Esperanza should not be missed! 

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