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La Esperanza Label

La Esperanza

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Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

BOTZ Pink Bourbon Option-3

At BOTZ we’ve started to keep count of our pink bourbon lots, because we’ve noticed they tend to be quite popular among our nerdy coffee base.

When you’ve tasted enough of a given coffee variety, you gain a fuller understanding of its range and complexity. Truthfully, more than any other variety, I find pink bourbon lots to have the most dynamic range. There are lots with some lofty, beautiful, and soft characteristics, like strawberry cream. And then there are lots with intense fruited qualities with deeper sensations, like stewed peach. 

Preferentially, BOTZ loves the richer and jumpier pink bourbon renditions. In the weird coffee person world, cuppers may say that some coffees “jump” off the cupping table, signifying their expressive character and outstanding quality. Because we love all things basketball, at BOTZ we say the coffee has hops.

If La Esperanza was in the dunk contest this year, I’m convinced it would have won. In Round 1, the coffee would have done a double-clutch dried peach slam in combination with a super malic-charged fuji apple celebration. The crowd would have been charged up and out of their seats by this coffee’s laser beam acidity and effervescent jammy (haha) finish. Truly, if there ever was a BOTZ coffee to fit the description, La Esperanza is a coffee slam dunk.  

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