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Huellas label

Huellas 02/21

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Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Sourced by: Catalyst Trade

You may have noticed that Botz has two lots for sale under the label designation Huellas. The numbers themselves designate the lot separations from the Huellas Programa cooperative. While Botz did not intentionally decide to buy two lots from the same cooperative, on a blind cupping table, these particular lots stood out because of their dynamic range of flavors and cup characteristics. It just happened to be a Botz wambo-combo that these coffees were from the same cooperative and, get this, have a similar varietal makeup (the exact percentages Botz is unsure of). It’s the perfect coffee experience to see to what extent different lot separations can taste like despite the coffees being from the same cooperative and having the same coffee shrub lineage.

Over the years, some of my most prized coffee tasting experiences have come from immaculately-processed Peruvian coffees. While I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to growing regions in Peru, I’ve always been rather shocked by the flavors some of these coffees have been able to express. From dense stone-fruity cups to light, malic, and crisp cups, I feel like there’s a coffee for most coffee enthusiasts depending on their own stylistic preferences.

Huellas 02/21, admittedly, is probably most representative of Danny’s own preferences in green coffee quality. While some coffees have a quiet confidence (see description for Huellas 07/24), others may cup as a bit showboaty. From the moment the hot water hits the grounds, these coffees bombastically hit your flavor receptors and send a message straight to your coffee CPU – “AMAZING FLAVOR OVERLOAD – PRECEDE BREWING MULTIPLE CUPS WITH CAUTION TO AVOID BECOMING OVERCAFFINATED.”

Every single time I dose out a brew for Huellas 02/21, I can’t help but become a bit giddy. It’s juicy, jammy, and especially full of ripe fruit characteristics. My self-proclaimed favorite flavor note in coffee is apricot, so when I smell it, I get particularly amped. This coffee has an addictive buoyancy that rushes across the palette with a mix of apricot jam and stewed sugary cranberries. The finish is lavish and decadent with a lingering honey butter creaminess. If you want a coffee that’s not afraid to tell you it’s absolutely delicious and worth your taste buds’ time, you might want to give Huellas 02/21 a brew. If you’re a little put off by its overtly confident character, maybe just chug it in defiance!

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