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Finca Lote

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It’s that time of year – fresh Colombian lots are landing and, based off my cuppings, they are tasting rather brilliant. One coffee, Finca Lote, provided a tasting memory I just couldn’t shake, making it Botz’s first Colombian offering of this new crop.

As a child (and a Taurus), I was quite stubborn. Chores, errands, and simple tasks were always met with a tad bit of sass and pouty attitude (but I promise I’ve changed). Luckily for my parents, I was very incentive driven. Need me to fold clothes? That will be three Zebra Cakes. Need me to behave at the dentist? That will be ten pop-ups to catch in the front yard. And my absolute least favorite thing to do…Need me to get a haircut? That will cost you ALL your blue raspberry suckers.

Dan’s Barbershop (now Barbershop Moffitt’s) was where I always got my bi-monthly haircut. Unfortunately for the whole crew there, I was the biggest grump-a-saurus they probably ever had to deal with. A haircut for me was so utterly pointless and unnecessary that I would refuse to get in the car or even the barber’s chair. Luckily, Dan had dealt with many grumps before, so he made sure the sucker jar was front and center. Mom was quick to plan accordingly. The promise was this – if you listen to Dan and don’t talk, to allow the haircut to progress as quickly as possible, then you will be granted a sucker of your choice (hilarious looking back now because basically everyone was allowed to grab a sucker for FREE). Every haircut then became a battle between my extremely blabby soul and the quest for my absolute favorite sucker – blue raspberry. Needless to say, I refused to say a word during my haircuts and acquired a major number of suckers (I always took at least three without question for my duties). 

Blue raspberry is perhaps one of my favorite flavors of all time. Although its exact flavor origins seem somewhat controversial, I’ve been rather surprised at how many people resonate with it. Does it taste like a raspberry? In my honest opinion, no. If I were to describe the sensation I experience, it would be more akin to a saturated and rich candy sweetness with a wild tanginess – a “fruity” flavor with almost no fruit connections. Woah…DEEP.

On the cupping table, Finca Lote gave me a wild cotton candy sweetness with a pulsating winey tang that immediately captured my cupping love forever. The best coffees from Colombia have a tangy sweetness, similar to the blue raspberry flavor, that can’t be replicated. It’s a wild and candied fruit sensation that causes you to cherish each sip. Botz couldn’t be more pumped to start the release of our new Colombian offerings with such a unique coffee and we hope you get lost in Finca Lote’s blue goodness sip after sip.