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Finca La Aldea

Finca La Aldea

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Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

It’s that time of year, Botzonians, when Botzonia becomes Bourbonia. More than any other coffee variety that Botz has offered, pink bourbon lots seem to be an unmatched favorite among Botz fans…to the point of pink bourbon madness (a condition when all you want to drink are pink bourbon lots).

Personally, pink bourbon madness is a completely understandable disposition. Florals, ripe tropical fruit, sugary richness, berries – it’s almost as if the variety encompasses all flavor possibilities.

So far (it’s possible that more could come hehe), Botz is offering two pink bourbon lots this year. Luckily for those with pink bourbon madness, they offer two different flavor experiences that showcase the versatility of the pink bourbon variety.


Finca La Aldea is Botz’s first pink bourbon option of the year. Outside the Botz family household is my Mom’s wild raspberry garden. Being one of my favorite berries, I’ve eaten my fair share of raspberries, but none compare to my Mom’s.

Like wild forest-grown coffee, I tend to think these raspberries were meant to be how nature intended them – immensely sweet with a tingly tartness. While most of the raspberries are eaten by my family as we look upon the beauty of my mother’s garden, every once in a while we feel invigorated to reduce them down into a rich raspberry jam. If you’ve ever had any fruit stewing, you know that it’s one of the most pleasurably intoxicating culinary and aromatic moments. When you experience the same sensation when drinking your coffee, you know you’ve hit gold.

When I originally cupped Finca La Aldea, my small glass bowl felt like raspberry coulis was simmering in a saucepan. With each sip, I felt a hint of lime zest elevating the raspberry to even more deliciousness (think, what lemons add to blueberries…). In almost perfect combination, the body of this coffee is honeyed and lavish, leaving you with a lasting fruity and floral impression. So, what are you waiting for?! Lean into pink bourbon madness with Finca La Aldea!  

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