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Botz observations - 

You stare at FFG, and your mind might start to try and decipher the acronym, but I want to save you the trouble from the start, because its story and meaning are powerful. FFG = Force For Good.

I first learned of the FFG concept at my alma mater, William & Mary, from a famous professor and acclaimed Russian historian. At the beginning of our course, he told the class that he viewed certain students as FFGs. In the long moments of silence when no one understood this professor’s profound questions, the FFGs were always the first to action, providing a less-than-satisfactory answer, but one that gave other students the confidence to start participating. While the 2AM cram-ers were fast asleep, drooling on their notebooks, the FFGs maintained constant and attentive eye contact. And at the end of class, FFGs always thanked the professor for his lessons.

Having taught both Russian and English in classroom settings, I can confirm that FFGs in the classroom truly exist, but I’ve also found them in the coffee industry and in other areas of life. If you take a moment to be mindful about your own comrades, you'll realize FFGs are all around us. It’s the coffee broker who answers all of your questions with extreme patience, overnights you samples, and explains the intricacies of LTL freight (shout out to Stephen Davidson at Ally Coffee…pure FFG in his veins). It’s my father helping me understand financial literacy and planning for the future of the Botz business. It’s my mom for instilling a "rebounds-are-better-than-points" mentality. It’s my Baba (grandmother) Dara, who, no matter what I did, gave me confidence that I was perfect, flaws and all.

FFG is a blend (or not) that will continually be on the Botz Coffee menu. Most of us (just a hunch) start off our day with a cup of coffee. More than anything, each time you grab your Botz bag for your FFG brew, I want you to be reminded that you can be an FFG. Share a small act of kindness and see it travel contagiously around your community. The force, undoubtedly, is with you. 

Like all Botz coffees, FFG is familiar yet dynamic. Because of the wide popularity of the first FFG rendition (kumquat brightness and cider tang), Botz sought to find a coffee with a similar acidity, brightness, and sweetness. This particular version of FFG is a honey-processed pacas lot from Miguel Moreno. 

This coffee reminds me of cream soda with a subtle strawberry acidity. The body of this coffee is rich with a finish resembling a vanilla coke. Like every FFG rendition, it’s perfect black or with a splash of cream and sugar (or butter and coconut oil…). No judgment here. Please just enjoy and be an FFG.

***Please note that coffee orders are roasted, processed, and shipped on Wednesdays. The cutoff for orders is 12:00 pm each Tuesday.***