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Brayan Joven Label

Brayan Joven

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Variety: Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Chiroso 

Process: Washed

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

You’ve had the gesha variety from BOTZ, you’re invested in BOTZ pink bourbon madness, and you’ve experienced the florality of the finest chiroso lots. But what if I told you that you could have all these variety powerhouses all at once where the sum of their stunning characteristics creates a masterful cup experience? Please welcome Brayan Joven’s variety combo lot to the BOTZ menu!

This lot was released specifically for a BOTZ takeover at Suited in NYC. I asked my green coffee friends for a stunner for BOTZ’s first in-person experience ever in the Big Apple. Having tasted it countless times via cupping, Filter 3.0, and my daily driver v60s, I can say that this coffee is one of aggressive elegance, tropical power, and pristine cup structure. If you’re a BOTZ lover, this one encapsulates our preferred style.

Brayan Joven’s coffee takes aspects of each variety in its overall composition. The acidity is sweet tart and geshaesque, reminding me of juicy kiwi and a springy lemon-lime zip from my favorite pop of all time, Green River. The sweetness is undeniably pink and reminds us of hubba bubba gum and papaya. The finish is lengthy with a floral and botanical resonance that we almost exclusively experience with chiroso lots. As you can imagine, in combination, all these cup characteristics create a rather distinct and rare cup experience. We hope you enjoy one of our most distinguished coffees yet!

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