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Aldemar Quistal Label

Aldemar Quistal

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Variety: Pink Bourbon 

Process: Washed

Sourced by: Shared Source

BOTZ Pink Bourbon Option-7

At BOTZ we’ve started to keep count of our pink bourbon lots, because we’ve noticed they tend to be quite popular among our nerdy coffee base.

When you’ve tasted enough of a given coffee variety, you gain a fuller understanding of its range and complexity. More than any other variety, I find pink bourbon lots to have the most dynamic range. There are lots with some lofty, beautiful, and soft characteristics, like strawberry cream. And then there are lots with intense fruited qualities with deeper sensations, like stewed peach. 

Aldemar Quistal’s pink bourbon lot is our last pink bourbon release of the year and we couldn’t be happier to share such a lovely expression of the variety.

We’ve had our fair share of jam bombs this year in the pink bourbon department, so we were pleasantly surprised when we tasted Aldemar Quistal’s coffee and found such a concentration of flavor clarity, intensity, and balance.

Aromatically, this coffee leans heavily into the “pretty” department. Stone fruits meld with persimmon and vanilla urging you to take you first sips. The acidity reminds me of bursts of kumquats and sugary Tropicana orange juice. The body is silky with an elegant softness that works seamlessly with the coffee’s zippy flavors. In combination, the cup character collectively is alive, transparent, and refreshing.

We’re so happy to end the year with such a stunning coffee. Celebrate the end to 2023 with Aldemar Quistal’s pristine lot!

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