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Nguisse Nare Label

Nguisse Nare

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Variety: 74158

Process: Anaerobic Natural 

Sourced by: Crop to Cup 

Blue gummy shark. The BOTZ promised flavor call that never came to be. For some, it’s a meme, but for BOTZ it’s a dream unfulfilled…until now.

Last year Nguisse Nare produced one of my most memorable coffee experiences. Quite literally, I remember my movements around the cupping table, the blackberry aromatic wave when the crust broke, and its code for the tasting kit - #13 (arguably one of my favorite roasts ever). It was candied. It was blue. It was a blue gummy shark.

Sadly, blue gummy shark never came to be, but the flavor forever rooted itself in my brain. If I ever had the chance to taste it again, I promised myself I’d stop at nothing to make the coffee a reality for Botzonia. Luckily for you, Nguisse Nare has done it again. It’s time for the blue gummy shark redemption done anaerobic mode (turning the gummy shark up a shade of blue).

Take a deeper dive into a blue gummy shark, and you’ll learn that it's representative of the elusive blue raspberry flavor. Think rocket popsicle. Think blue slushy. Think gummy shark. What really sets this complicated flavor apart is the acidity tingle. It’s like blood orange and cherries meet a touch of tropical fruit. It cleans the palette and begs you to take another sip as it resonates and echoes.

We’ve been waiting for this moment, Botzonia. It’s the Blue Gummy Shark Redemption. Do you believe?!

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