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The Legend of Finca Nuguo
The Legend of Finca Nuguo

The Legend of Finca Nuguo

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Producer: José Manuel Gallardo Méndez

Origin: Farm - Finca Nuguo

Process: Mixed (Natural and Washed)

Variety: Gesha

In 2011, in a small classroom in Washington Hall at the College of William & Mary, I sat down to take a course on Russian cinematography and film design. We watched a crazy amount of films, took detailed notes, and I even attempted (and sometimes failed) to critically analyze the director’s original intent.

As I was washing dishes in the back of the Daily Grind (RIP), my first coffee gig, coffee and these films became my best quiet-time buddies. During my breaks and before long hours at the café, I’d brew myself a pour over from different origins and realized I’d started to apply the lessons I learned in film class to the way I thought about coffee. I would look at my spent pour over bed and analyze its mise en scene. Like a film, the cup’s plot changed from hot to warm to cold. I asked myself critical questions – “What was the roaster’s intent as it stared at the curve’s peak point of intensity during first crack?” 

These whimsical film-coffee comparisons may seem silly, but like all the twists in my own life’s narrative, I use them to fuel the core of what Botz Coffee is about – fun, detailed, and nerdily-obsessed coffee experiences.   

You may not know it, but Botz Coffee is officially a year old from the time I drew my first robot prototype design. 2020 has been an absolute doozy, but my inner Botz (and Slavic) charisma pushes me to celebrate the Pink bot, my family, and every Botzonian that has purchased a bag of beans. I’ve been lost in daydreams about what sparkly, confetti treat to share with my extremely supportive and loyal pals, and as per usual, I sought inspiration from my youth, looking back to prized birthday presents I still covet today. 

Then it hit me like a 6-ton orca.

In 1997, I received a gift that has become a Falloon-family legend: the 1993 Free Willy VHS with the collector’s orca medallion. A tale of triumph and perseverance, this film’s story and collectible has inspired what I want to share with you for Botz’s one-year celebration. I played that movie on repeat, thrusting my fist in the air like Jesse on top of my twin mattress.  “Will You Be There?” was the only song that could lull me to sleep. I brandished my orca medallion, so joyfully obsessed – and today, I feel the same way about these little Botz beans.

The Legend of Finca Nuguo by Jose Manuel Gallardo Mendez and Botz Coffee is a 5-ounce release of a gesha mixed-process lot (think natural fruitiness with washed clarity…it’s very cool) from a Best of Panama winner (one of the most exclusive coffee competitions in the world) with an extremely generous character. Sold in a VHS box with a fully holographic sticker, Botz wants this coffee to imprint itself on your memory for years to come (you can use your elementary school art skills to cut out its many designs and shapes to stick on your laptop, Nalgene, moleskin, forehead, etc.).  

Just like a film, this coffee’s flavor and characteristics are open to your interpretation, but the blurb below and review from Sticky Mucilage (sort of like Rotten Tomatoes for coffee) will give you an idea of what the coffee is about:

“Delightfully tropical, playfully boozy, and wickedly aromatic, The Legend of Finca Nuguo is a new release that will shake your understanding of what’s possible in coffee. With notes of pineapple, cherry cordial, and grapefruit, your palate will experience Fruity Pebble sensory overdrive. The finish is colossal, resonate, and utterly unique. Hunker down with your mug because this thriller is a 10/10.”

Rated G for Good Vibes

***Please note that this coffee will be roasted and shipped on 12/5/2020. Any coffees ordered in addition to this release will be shipped on 12/5/2020.***