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Rogicha Ethiopia
Rogicha Bag


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Origin: Zone - Guji, Municipality - Kercha, Hamlet - Rogicha, Washing Station - owned by Tamrat Alemayehu

Process: Natural

Variety: Dega, Wolisho

Sourced by: Collaborative Coffee Source

Purchasing this naturally processed Rogicha has been one of my fondest Botz milestones thus far - I’ve found a coffee that tastes new and nostalgic all at once.

When I did the initial cupping, I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with the flavors I was experiencing. I felt like Violet in that scene from Willy Wonka when she blows up like a blueberry. The cup transformed in a surprising, swirling trajectory, but somehow, the tastes always brought me home.

The brew was both berry and tropical and made me think fondly of past summers at the Munster Community Pool, where my Mom would always buy us strawberry-banana smoothies at the concession stand. I was transported to Hershey’s chocolate milk after school. Chasing the ice cream truck with a couple of dollar bills and a Nerf Super Soaker, eager to get the first Strawberry Shortcake bar of the Summer. Fierce Grape Gatorade after a sweltering hot baseball game. An enormous slice of Baker’s Square French Silk pie on special occasions. A cup full of sweet and surprising notes that conjured equally sweet and surprising memories: an experience I strive to share with all of you.

Loyal Botzonians will note that this is only the second naturally processed coffee we’ve had on our menu, and that’s because here at Botz we’re cognizant of what we call the “Naturally Processed Pleasure Scale”, which ranges to “Too Weird To Start My Day With” on one end, to “Straight Blueberry Heaven” on the other. Many coffee drinkers like to wake up to the comforting, identifiable notes of washed coffees, and they might find natural coffees to be a bit too wild prior to their 9 AM conference call. And others, the most devoted natural coffee drinkers (let’s call them the Violets to keep the Willy Wonka theme going), are drawn to the distinct blueberry flavor characteristic of many natural coffees, which are dried with fruit on the seed. We are eager to please both ends of the spectrum, and we think Rogicha represents the perfect wild fruit/creamy balance.

For those of you who crave stability in the AM, I think you might be surprised by the adventurous thoughts that creep into your head as you emerge from your slumber – “strawberry pancakes… chocolate orange peels…milkshake texture…soon!” To those of you that prize the blueberry-bombs, I think you’ll love this coffee for building upon your current database of naturals. My hope is it tickles a new “island getaway” part of your olfactory cortex.

Well, I had way too much fun writing about this coffee. Enjoy Rogicha, and as always, BEEP BEEP!

***Please note that coffee orders are roasted, processed, and shipped on Saturdays. The cutoff for orders is 12:00 pm each Friday.***