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Nery Rioja

Nery Rioja

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Process: Washed

Sourced by: Falcon Specialty 

Last year on Instagram, I held a mini-tournament of coffees to see which ones made the greatest impressions on Botzonians to understand their preferences. While I was hoping to find that everyone was collectively obsessed with washed Ethiopian coffees, I came to find that the two favorite coffees of the year were a natural Ethiopian and a washed Mexican coffee. In the finals, I was sure the natural coffee would win. Absolutely fruitiness over all, right?

WRONG. That mini poll was eye-opening for me because it showed that a coffee described as “elevated diner coffee” was actually something majorly preferred by coffee lovers on a daily basis. Ripe brightness with a chocolate and sugary backbone is truly what many coffee lovers really love to wake up to. 

The most recent Botz releases are fruity and floral, so tasting Nery Rioja’s coffee helped complete the Botz menu with a sugary-focused profile. With a majorly sweet-tart cherry acidity complemented with a buttercream and dark chocolate finish, it kind of feels like you're drinking a perfectly executed cupcake from a top-tier pastry chef. I definitely would not be surprised if this coffee took this year’s title of “Favorite Botz Coffee of the Year.” 

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