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Nano Challa Ethiopia
Nano Challa #6

Nano Challa #6

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Origin: Zone - Jimma, Woreda - Agaro Gera, Union - Kata Muduga, Washing Station - Nano Challa

Process: Washed  

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Sourced by: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

Nano Challa – whenever I say the name of this washing station it feels elegant and refined. Over the years, I’ve had some remarkable cups of Ethiopian coffee from other roasters, and a trend emerged: most of my favorites seemed to come from the Nano Challa washing station. “Nano Challa” after “Nano Challa”, the coffees all had a super effervescent (bubbly) character with a honey sweetness. This one, in particular, brings to mind pink lemonade. 

Please excuse the personal tangent, but in true Botz fashion, I want to be fully transparent with my customers—in the midst of what humanity is facing today, the purchase of this new coffee, normally a celebratory event for me, felt slightly out-of-place. Lately, to clear my mind, I’ve been taking long walks in rejuvenating sunshine and 60-degree weather with my dogs, and even as the freedom of Spring pushes me to shed my winterish pessimism, I can’t help but feel some sadness knowing harsh realities exist.

Tasting this coffee gave me a similar conflicting feeling. It was so fresh, floral and full of levity. It gave me immense joy to know that I might have the honor to roast and send it to you, but as I decided to buy it, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “In such a trying time, is it okay to make this investment?” To spend money on coffee almost felt frivolous when compared to the challenges we face.

I pondered and pondered and came to this conclusion—I think this Botz bag will bring you some happiness, wherever you are, however conflicted and confused you might feel about little joys and daily routines. I want to believe better days are ahead for all of us, and small doses of happiness…sunny dog walks, rediscovering your favorite book, making coffee for loved ones…remind us of that potential.

Nano Challa is a celebration of looking forward, for Botz Coffee, Botzonians and all those who choose to believe we’ll find a way to preserve. Rosé like acidity, peony aroma (Indiana state flower!) and honey sweetness – it’s a cup of hopeful Spring.