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Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno

Mario Moreno

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Producer: Mario Moreno

Origin: Region - Santa Barbara

Process: Washed

Variety: Pacas

Sourced by: Collaborative Coffee Source

I have a confession – I’m obsessed with nuts.com, partly because of my obsession for their little cartoon mascots and partly because of their custom trail mix designer... 

Trail mix and coffees are eerily similar. Please let me explain. Have you ever had a particular mix and said to yourself, “This is absolutely magical? The salted almonds and the M&Ms work perfectly with these dried cranberries.” Yes, this is the pinnacle, a mix that’s simultaneously sweet, salty, and a touch bitter, just like the best coffees. But there is the opposite spectrum as we all well know. If you don’t get the mix quite right, you find yourself picking your favorite individual parts (ever only eaten the dark chocolate in the super healthy anti-oxidant mix?), becoming completely dissatisfied with your purchase. 

Luckily for you, this pacas lot from Mario Moreno is like the absolutely best balanced trail mix. Unlucky for you is that like a perfect bag of trail mix, it will be very hard for you to stop digging in. It’s safe to say that this coffee is a double-bag purchase.

This coffee’s acidity pops like a red grape and is followed by a lengthy chocolate-covered pecan finish. It has a hot chocolate body (made with cream…the only way), providing a sensation of fullness and warmth. It’s perfect before long wintery walks or you can cold brew it if you are one of those warm weather people. Don’t worry, just like a perfect trail mix, this coffee doesn’t discriminate. It wants to be with you everywhere!

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