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Kibingo Label


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Producer: Smallholder farmers at Kibingo washing station

Region: Kayanza

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Sourced by: Sucafina

Every year around this time in Northwest Indiana (NWI), we’ll have days that make you think our small little corner of the state is paradise on earth (65 degrees, no humidity, sunshine, slight breeze), only to be followed by snow immediately the next day. Eventually, thankfully, NWI breaks through the cold, and the Botz family celebrates with its first grillout of the year.

While I do get excited to enjoy a full spread of my favorite staples (burgers, hotdogs, beer brats), there is nothing I enjoy more than the first thing to hit our clean grill – fruits! Pineapple, watermelon, and (my absolute favorite and inspiration for writing this description) PEACHES are our starters.

Eating grilled fruits was a bit of a coffee epiphany for me. I think in some scenarios a fruit in coffee can take on two forms – its raw and delicate nature and its stewy cooked identity. Botz has had many Ethiopian coffees that offer a crisp and fresh peach acidity (similar to a peach lemonade). For a long time, however, I’ve been looking for a coffee that leans more toward my favorite hot peach cobbler goo. A coffee that represents the enjoyably ripe and slightly more sugary peach profile.

Enter Kibingo! Coffees from Burundi are rather extraordinary, and I think the specialty coffee community would collectively agree that some of the most stunning coffees imaginable are being produced there. This is Botz’s first-ever offering from Burundi and for good reason. As soon as I caught a whiff of my freshly brewed coffee, it was as if I had just smelled the grill sizzle of a fresh white peach (a bit more sugary than normal peaches so they slay on the grill). Stewed fruits, tangy orange acidity, and a dense figgy finish – this coffee had multiple heavy layers to unravel.  Kibingo was processed with a specific yeast anaerobically. While anaerobically-processed coffees (in my opinion) can usually take on an edge more similar in flavor to a naturally-processed coffee, this coffee tastes like a washed coffee with the volume maxed out. All of the fruit is riper and fuller, but the acidity is still remarkably crystalline and transparent. You might not make it to the first Botz grillout to taste our famed grilled peaches, but trust me that having a cup of Kibingo will give you the same sense of saturated fruit satisfaction!

***Please note that coffee orders are roasted, processed, and shipped on Wednesdays. The cutoff for orders is 12:00 pm each Tuesday.***