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Juan Pablo Guzman Colombia Coffee
Juan Pablo Guzman

Juan Pablo Guzman

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Producer: Juan Pablo Guzman

Origin: Department - Nariño, Municipality - Tablon de Gomez, Community - Los Alpes

Process: Washed  

Variety: Caturra, Colombia and Castillo

Sourced by: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

Botz observations -

In Ryan Brown’s (legendary green buyer and cupper) book Dear Coffee Buyer – A Guide to Sourcing Green Coffee, he expresses his excitement for Colombian coffees because buyers can find a vast diversity of flavors and cup characteristics in one origin. I completely agree. I’ve tasted coffees from Colombia that resemble pink lady apples, blackberries, cantaloupe and cola.  Drinking a series of Colombian coffees in a row is kind of like chomping on a handful of Jelly Bellies.

On the cupping table, I’m always seeking coffees with high levels of complexity. From their hot to cold ranges, I’m looking for coffees that change their character in positive and nuanced ways – an evolving, narrative cup. That’s why sipping this coffee, produced by Juan Pablo Guzman, stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a standout, not for its various ranges, but instead for its consistency, singularity and super sweetness. Cupping the coffee was like sitting before a bag of ripe cherries and telling myself I would only have one. As I looked into the grit at the bottom of my cupping bowl, completely void of coffee, I was reminded of the feeling you get when you look down at an empty bowl of pits and stems – I may have overdone it, but I regret nothing. Buy.

I think many roasters would tell you that cup sweetness is the ultimate goal. And the sweetness of this coffee was remarkable, reminiscent of 3AM sugar binges with my best friend Max at our local (and legendary) donut shop, Munster Donut. The acidity and sweetness were like the gush from an overstuffed jelly donut balanced by its brown and buttery crispy edges. Throughout your drinking experience, this coffee tastes like black cherry and has a distinct and lingering candied macadamia nut aftertaste. The body is velvety and coating. Perhaps its greatest strength is that the flavor, aftertaste, acidity and body don’t contend with one another. Instead, they blend harmoniously to provide a sugar-coma experience sip-after-sip. Each morning you wake up to Juan Pablo Guzman, expect a decadent treat. You may even hear a “Did you put sweetener in this?” from a health-conscious friend. Nope, just beans, roasted with Botz love. So go on, indulge!   

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