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Ildefonso Label

Ildefonso Cordoba

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Producer: Ildefonso Cordoba

Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Sourced by: Shared Source

“It’s a desert island coffee.” – from an extremely talented coffee taster and evaluator while describing Ildefonso Cordoba’s pink bourbon lot.   

This was the first time I’ve ever thought of a coffee in such a way. We’ve all been asked the question of what sole possession you’d take if stranded for eternity on a remote island. When asking the same question about one distinct coffee, you’ll find that the exercise pushes you to reflect on what attributes you value most.

Personally, the idea of a desert island coffee causes me to struggle a bit (shocker) because I feel like the possibilities are endless.  Existential flavor overload!  So I decided to wait for a sample of this “desert island” coffee to see if it would transport me to my forever beach.

Cupping this coffee was so relaxing. A cupping hammock, if you will. Exciting, refined, void of distractions, and harmonious. With intricate notes of dried pineapple and lemonade, it was the perfect interplay of fruitiness and softness. Its finish was like tasting a splash of vanilla extract in a soft sugar cookie. It is special enough to have one time and remember it forever or drink every day and feel like you’re experiencing something new, each time.  Wow, that might be too deep… blame Wilson the volleyball.

More like Dessert Island coffee, am I right?  You be the judge.

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