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Hamasho Natural

Hamasho Natural

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Origin: Region -  Bensa, Sidama

Process: Natural

Variety: Heirloom

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

I was giddy as I boarded a Finnair airbus destined for my eventual extended stay in Smolensk, Russia, where I worked as an English teacher. Everything, weirdly, seemed to be going my way on this trip – a traveling rarity. I was placed in an exit row, which meant I had more leg space, the person who was supposed to sit next to me canceled, giving me even more breathing room, and I had just experienced my first runway cam (a camera showing your takeoff, long live Finland). For my first mega flight, which I had dreaded, everything was going shockingly swell. “Can this get any better?” I asked myself. Like magic, my extremely polite flight attendant asked, “Would you like some complimentary blueberry juice, sir?” Five stars for Finnair, forever.  

I feel like we live in a juice-forward society, so I’ve seen my fair share of carrot-apple-kales. But never had I ever even seen or heard of blueberry juice. I’ve since asked friends, and they share the same sentiment – it’s definitely a juice rarity. Finnair’s signature blueberry juice is made with 100% Finnish bluebs and tastes 100%...well, HOTTEST BLUE PART OF THE FLAME, FIRE. Perfectly dense and with a purple hue, when you receive your first cup, it kind of looks like you’re being poured a goblet of chuggable, lavish wine. This is not your average Diet Coke and pretzels travel experience. I felt like the king at Medieval Times.

There aren’t many times I’ve cupped and felt sorta bougie. Really, it only happens with my favorite coffees. As one who strays away from the fanciest of experiences because I get self-conscious and awkward, it’s exquisitely satisfying to pour such an extravagant brew out of your Mr. Coffee maker into your favorite mug. Luckily for you, you can experience this safe-space-at-home-luxury with Botz Coffee’s new Hamasho Natural.

Many equate naturally-processed Ethiopian coffees to blueberries, so let me explain what makes this coffee different. You know when you go to the grocery store and buy some blueberries, but after tasting, you find them to be a bit sour, lacking sweetness, and definitely out-of-season? Now imagine it is peak blueberry season, you just went to a farm in Michigan, full of happy bumblebees, and picked the fruit fresh. Upon eating one, you’re immediately reminded of their sheer berry dominance and your craving for pie.

This Hamasho Natural is like your latter blueberry. It’s absolutely ripe and plush, with a blueberry sweetness and fresh key lime acidity (berries and citrus are a match made in heaven). Like most naturals, this coffee has a pronounced syrupy body. The finish is akin to Brookside chocolate-covered blueberries. Ugh, even a drained mug smells like blueberries (pro-tip - I leave it next to me for aromatherapy). You may not be able to get Finnair blueberry juice in the U.S. yet, but honestly who cares when you can chug this natty and get fancy. Go ahead and channel your inner Violet Beauregarde!

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