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Finca Savage Parabolic Geisha

Finca Savage Parabolic Geisha

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Producer: Jamison Savage

Origin: Farm - Finca Savage

Process: Natural

Variety: Geisha

Awesome, kind, and extremely talented coffee professionals that were nice enough to share some of these beans with Botz: Archetype Coffee in Omaha, NE

Each holiday season my family celebrates by gifting each other little trinkets and doo-dads, and my most memorable possessions have always been guarded in my own personally designed “Danny” stocking (with questionable and erratic decorations because I never excelled at arts and crafts). My Mom (stocking curator) always seemed to know what was going to make my heart explode – decadent chocolate, Pokémon and baseball cards, and even fancy green coffee for my whirly-pop when I first started roasting.

It is in honor of all my favorite stocking stuffers that I announce the release of a limited 5oz pink baggie with a holographic label filled with ~exclusive~ geisha beans. What coffee could be so special as to become Botz’s dedicated holiday release this year? Only my favorite of 2021, of course!   

There are certain coffees that are just savage, literally and figuratively. This limited lot from Finca Savage in Panama (produced by Jamison Savage) is quite a fun and zippy coffee – I think of it as the edgier older cousin of the Sugar Plum Fairy. With a raspberry wafer fragrance, a cherry liqueur acidity and flavor, and a saturated dark chocolate finish, you may find yourself opening your small baggy for your close loved ones to smell its intoxicating aromas. Fun fact: this is my favorite thing to do with my family and with geishas…gosh I’m a weird coffee person. In the spectrum of natural geishas, I find this coffee to pleasantly flood my brain with delicate pink colors (hence the pink baggie and label). Pink starbursts, pink wines, pink bubblegum…nothing pink is out of the question with this one. Trust me – for the coffee nerds out there, there isn’t a more SAVAGE and cutie-pie gift!

***Please note that this coffee will be roasted and shipped on 12/8/2021. Any coffees ordered in addition to this release will be shipped on 12/8/2021.***