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Faver Emir Ninco Borbon
Faver Emir Ninco Borbon

Faver Emir Ninco Borbon

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Producer: Faver Emir Ninco Borbon

Origin: Region - Santa Maria, Huila

Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Sourced by: Caravela 

Bourbon is one of the most genetically and culturally important varieties in the world. Over the years, I was particularly excited when I started to see different color descriptions appear in front of the famed bourbon variety (red, yellow, orange), only assuming that each descriptor would offer its own unique genetic twist on a coffee variety already widely known for its outstanding flavor and quality.

Being a pink robot, you could only imagine how much I lost it when I started to see PINK bourbon popping up on bags from major specialty roasters. Pink things are usually amazing (pink starbursts, bubblegum, flamingos, P!nk…the list goes on and on) and the pink bourbon variety undoubtedly follows suit, providing coffee lovers everywhere a completely unique and “pink” coffee experience.  SO WHAT, I’M STILL A ROCKSTAR, I GOT MY ROCK MOVES, etc. in the form of tasty bean juice.

Colors are powerful in helping a taster describe a coffee. I’ve heard it time and time again when leading instructional cuppings – “I just can’t describe it, but this coffee tastes PURPLE to me!” When you taste, you’re using your memory, linking the coffee or flavor to anything you’ve had in the past. 

So, what does tasting “pink” mean? Here is how I linked it in my crazy robot processor. Pink is delicate, unique, confident, and sweet (science says pink cups actually make people perceive coffee as sweeter). My first impressions of this coffee are that it has a delicate and light body complimented by a pink lemonade acidity and plum sweetness. Its aftertaste is spicy like ginger candy and sugary like the crumble on your favorite pie. Tasting it in one complete sip, you’ll feel the confidence of a national tasting champion, exhilarated to explore your coffee’s flavors and personality.

Be the “pink” in this world with this pink bourbon in your cup every morning.

***Please note that coffee orders are roasted, processed, and shipped on Saturdays. The cutoff for orders is 12:00 pm each Friday.***