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Daniel Ortega Label

Daniel Ortega

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Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Sourced by: Semilla

Cupping Daniel Ortega’s pink bourbon lot can best be described as an active flavor meditation. In a world that seemingly becomes increasingly complex (just look how many probes my roaster has stuck in it), stunning coffees like this one from Daniel Ortega remind us that some of the most captivating things (and brews) are undistracting, focused, grounding, and recognizable from a flavor perspective.

With a sparkling pink lemonade acidity, candied orange sweetness, and lingering caramel apple tartness, I find this coffee to offer a captivating and familiar range of flavors. Sipping it makes me feel a sense of calm and enjoyment as I pinpoint recognizable notes in their ripest form. In a more classic pink bourbon style, you’ll find the clarity of this coffee to be pristine and elegant. Admittedly, this is the perfect addition to the BOTZ menu that serves as a contrast to some of the “louder” options. We hope you, too, find solace in its sophisticated and pure cup profile.

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