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Reko Label


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Origin: Ethiopia, Region - Yirgacheffe, Location - Reko Onacho

Process: Washed

Variety: Heirloom

Sourced by: Trabocca

We all have our obsessive phases, right? I, Danny, probably have more than most. Growing up, I tended to gravitate toward basically anything collectible – baseball cards, Magic cards, Crazy Bones, state quarters, NBA team stickers from Pizza Hut, McDonald’s race cars…the list goes on and on. By far my weirdest collecting phase, however, was when I got into collecting Snapple “Real Facts” lids. There are 928 “Real Facts” in all, and I knew I was destined to discover each. and. every. one.

I was buying Peach Snapple whenever I could since it was my favorite flavor. Each lid seemed like an opportunity to obtain factoid wisdom. For months (forgive me Mom), I’d drink nothing but this magical liquid collecting facts to casually try to impress my friends, while also getting mad sugar rushes. “Lizards communicate by doing push-ups…pretty cool huh?” While my friends never seemed too intrigued, I’m happy that Peach Snapple brings to mind some of my favorite coffees from Yirgacheffe, ones with well-balanced light bodies, ultra-clean acidity, and floral aromatics. 

Cupping Reko for the first time was like reliving my first opening of a Peach Snapple. Light and citrusy, each sip was laser clean, ending with a white tea floral post nasal puff. After brewing a pour-over, the same crystalline structure was amplified with deeper peach notes and a brown sugar finish. Drinking it is as satisfying as gently popping a Snapple lid with your fingers (“pop, pop”) while regurgitating “Real Facts” at a dinner soiree. Like Reko, you’re an effortless star.

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