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Maria concepcion Narvaez label

Maria Concepcion Narvaez

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Producer: Maria Concepcion Narvaez

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra and Colombia

Sourced by: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

My personal preference for Colombian coffees (and most coffees in general) is for really dense, fruited, and jammy cups, or sugar bombs for short. As I cupped through a recent table, one in particular really gave me the butterflies. As I went to take a photo of my empty cupping bowl to proclaim to the world on Instagram how amazing it was, it was as if my phone simultaneously recognized that buying this coffee was like catching Articuno with an ultra-ball (Coffee Go!)…except instead of Articuno it was the rare holographic raspberry chocolate cupcake! 

Maria Concepcion Narvaez’s coffee, in my opinion, is perfect for brewing enthusiasts and the less intense Mr. Coffee champions. It offers a profile that is simultaneously approachable and remarkably refined. It’s bright and dense with an electric raspberry acidity that cuts and compliments all of its wonderful fudgy flavors. I don’t usually say this, because I want you to make up your own mind about flavors, but I’m confident it’s a coffee Botzonians will absolutely love and chug.

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