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Isaac Tarillo
Isaac Tarillo

Isaac Tarillo

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Origin: Region - Cajamarca, District - Huabal, Village - Santa Rosa

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

Sourced by: Falcon Specialty 

If you grew up in Munster, you surely know that the St. Thomas More carnival is a highlight of the year. Break out your freshest Sketchers and cargo-shorts, because Botz just bought you a whole roll of red tickets, kiddos. Conveniently located right next to the little league fields, after a long game filed with errors, mercy rules, and the occasional miracle home run, I always felt destiny beckoning me to walk toward the shining sky filled with rides with names like “The Ring of Fire” and “Gravitron.” It was Botzonia before Botzonia was even a figment of my imagination, so I feel absolutely delighted to share a coffee that matches this event’s personality—A PG-rated rave for your palate.

Isaac Tarillo’s coffee is truly the first “carnival coffee” I’ve encountered. For a coffee to be a “carnival coffee” it needs to fulfill three requirements – 1) It makes you feel awe, 2) you can’t stop trying it, and 3) it feels easy.

The best coffees give you the same feeling you get when you stare at the “Ring of Fire” seamlessly making 1,000 revolutions a minute (okay not that fast, but you get it). You just can’t help but look up feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach. As soon as this coffee hit the burrs of the grinder, I knew it was a winner. The fragrance, simply put, was neon pretty – limey, floral, and toffee.

This coffee’s transitional range is rather brilliant. I respectfully graded the other coffees on the table, but as the cupping continued further, it was as if I found my favorite ride and spent all of my allowance to ride it again…and again…and again. As my cup dropped into the bowl I tasted different varieties of apples, candy bars, and even a bit of frosted elephant ears.

I’ve brewed this coffee plenty of times and I’ve never been disappointed. Coffee brewing sometimes can feel like you are at your favorite carnival game, but can’t figure out how to win the Xbox hanging up above in the prize section. You brew and brew resulting in bitter flavors, but then the game guide miraculously pulls up and darts every single balloon. Thankfully, brewing this coffee makes you feel as legendary as the guide. It’s delicious and sweet on a variety of brew methods, like winning the Xbox every brew…

There you have it – a “carnival coffee.” Hope you feel the gala apple rush as you cascade in a coffee sack down your favorite mega slide.

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