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Geta Bore Label

Geta Bore

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Process: Washed

Variety: Heirloom

Sourced by: Crop to Cup

Despite my disdain for cold weather (I actually despise it), somehow I’ve taken it upon myself to live in places that are just so darn frigid. From Wisconsin to Northwest Indiana to Russia (that was next level), I feel like I’ve experienced the bone chill.

How have I survived all of these chilled areas? Coffee of course! Sometimes the best coffees can transport you beyond your surroundings, and for me personally, there’s something about washed Ethiopian coffees in the winter that makes me feel like I’ve put on my favorite shades and sandals to go on a stroll across warm coastal beaches. Peaches, limes, cherries, and berries – Ethiopian coffees from the first sip seem to melt the snow walls around me and take me to fond moments of summer. Even the greyest days are made bright as delicate stonefruit notes dance in my cup.

For all those who have to challenge the winter trials and tribulations (snow shoveling, scraping ice off your car’s windows, wearing 100 layers of clothing) Geta Bore is for you. Geta Bore is so vibrant and expressive that you may find snow melting as you carry your travel cup to work. With a pink lemonade flavor and sweetness, the colors that will fill your brain are vibrant and will immediately send a rainbow across the dull winter sky. Quite possibly my favorite note from Ethiopian coffees is a gentle floral note of earl grey. From the moment you bloom, you’ll notice Geta Bore’s intense florality, providing a time-lapse through winter straight to the early days of spring!

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