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Finca El Caucho Label

Finca El Caucho

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Farm: Finca El Caucho

Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Sourced by: Coffee Quest US

Last year I tasted multiple lots from the Huila Magico competition (organized by the Coffee Quest) and purchased the 6th-place lot from Campo Elias. This coffee along with others I cupped on the table was so impressive that I was eager to try samples this year to offer Botzonians some of, in my personal opinion, the best coffees from Colombia.

In a twist of fate, Botz will also offer the 6th place lot from this year’s Huila Magico – a washed pink bourbon lot from Finca El Caucho.  Have I discovered a new lucky number?!

I’ve never been a huge cocktail person, but in my limited experience, I’ve had some rather stellar ones that left impressions on me because of their distinctive flavors and balance. With just the right doses of flavor and alcohol, the perfect cocktail gives a rather euphoric taste experience where all your familiar fruity flavors take on new personalities and identities.

Cupping this particular pink bourbon lot gave me a bit of Botztail vibes. Things that I usually taste in coffee seemed to just have a bit extra going on. It was limes complemented by a hint of rum or blood orange with a splash of bourbon. Even the sugary finish of this coffee reminded me of how someone might blow torch sugar to give a drink more pizazz. Really someone could have added a dehydrated orange slice to my cupping bowl and I would have been okay with it. I felt like a true brewtender.

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