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Eliecer Artundaga
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Eliecer Artundaga

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Origin: Department of Tolima

Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Sourced by: Collaborative Coffee Source

There once was a joyful period in my adult-ish life that I lived in Madison, WI, and around this time each year, I got particularly giddy. After months of brutal cold (so cold that sometimes I’d throw bitter brews of coffee into the sky to watch it explode into ice shards), the largest farmers’ market in the U.S. (Dane County Farmers’ Market) would pop up around the capitol square for fresh produce, flowers, and trinkets (I love a trinket, sigh). If you’ve been to this farmers’ market, you know that you walk with a methodical pace in the same direction as the crowd (DO NOT WALK THE OTHER WAY…you’ll be judged), taking in the artisanal and local fare.  It is particularly cool to feel like you are part of a swirling school of fish while chomping on a bag of sweet cherry tomatoes—on one end, basking in direct sunlight, on the other, taking in the shade cast by the capital building.  To wake up, brew a cup of coffee, and then make my way around that tasty, botanical carousel, full of intoxicating colors and smells, is a memory I cherish.

After a long and purposefully isolated winter here in Munster, this new coffee by Eliecer Artundaga (another pink bourbon, cow-a-bunga) had me mentally strolling through the Madison farmers’ market, which is perhaps the most ideal spot on the planet for broadening your coffee tasting and imagination. Sometimes I’d go to the various fruit vendors and buy one fruit and see if it matched any of the coffees I had tasted recently from other roasters. These small fruit-loopy adventures helped me find my favorite flavor ever found in coffee - apricot. Around this time, it’s usually Ethiopian fresh crop coffees sparking this flavor in my memory, but thankfully Eliecer Artundaga’s coffee has filled the gap, as all Botzonians patiently wait for new delicious beans from the birthplace of coffee.

Moving further around the square, there was always a section of the market where honey vendors swarmed. I’ve always found honey particularly exciting since you get a little taste of the flower the bees collected nectar from, and based on my honey samplings, this coffee has a clover sweetness and mild floral aroma. 

Sometimes after walking through the capital, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of deliciousness available. Fearing that I would spend my whole paycheck on homemade bread, jams, and grass-fed beef, I’d try to satiate my stomach’s desire by stopping at a corner store to buy some Rolos.  While this coffee has stunning fruit and floral qualities, its aftertaste reminds you that all coffees are eventually wonderful shades of brown providing your favorite and familiar caramel flavors.

Enjoy this coffee while you can because as a limited lot, I don’t think it will be around for too long.  Until we can devour croissants at the farmers’ market together, may each brew remind you how blissful it is to taste fresh fruit in the open air, soaked in spring.

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