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Demicha Label


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Origin: Ethiopia, Zone - Guji, Woreda - Uraga, Kebele - Harsu Haro Muda, Washing Station - Muda Tatesa

Process: Washed

Variety: Heirloom

Sourced by: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

For years, I’ve been convinced – the best coffees in the world are from the Guji zone in Ethiopia. While other Ethiopian coffees may be delicate and soft, I personally find coffees from the Guji zone to be powerful and in-your-face with an unmistakable swagger.

I’ll be honest, one unfortunate part of running a roastery solo is cupping alone. There’s a wonderful feeling when you cup through a set of coffees for purchase, with a team, quietly, and when speaking is allowed, everyone starts smiling and gushing about a coffee. With coffee being so personal and everyone having their own preferences, a moment arising out of sheer unanimous agreement is rare. When it happens, the energy in the room ignites, it is time to rejoice! You know you’ve found “the one”.

Demicha is one of those coffees that gives you confidence when no one is around. In a weird way, cupping it was like having my closest coffee friends cup with me. I usually frantically write down numbers for different categories and scores to determine which coffee I should buy. With Demicha, I tossed the score sheet to the side and decided to just have a moment of mindful bliss. Similar to how I ate a grape for 10 minutes in a mindfulness seminar in college (LIBERAL ARTS), I decided to slurp Demicha deliberately and focus. This is where it took me…

Quite possibly the happiest I’ve ever been was on vacation with my family in San Diego. While I’ll never forget hearing and smelling the ocean for the first time, my closest memory of our vacation was the tropical fruit bonanza bar in our hotel. Every morning, I’d arrive to taste tropical fruits on cute little sticks. At the time, I had relatively low fruit exposure – apple sauce and pears soaked in sugar water were my go-to’s. Man, I learned quickly what I was missing. I felt slightly embarrassed how many empty fruit sticks I amassed each morning, but I couldn’t help it – I had papaya madness…which now influences my coffee preferences. 

Tropical fruit in coffee for me is the holy grail. When I taste papaya or guava, I feel like the coffee is NEXT level. That’s why I think Demicha is so special. It leads with papaya, followed by a zippy ginger and lemon finish. The fragrance is floral and, dare I say, exotic. Hilariously, however, amidst all these unique and confident flavors, Demicha also seems grounding in that a full sip just makes you think, “Darn, I can’t explain it, but that just tastes so good!” I hope Demicha makes you feel like you’re walking your favorite beach with a coconut vessel, but instead of coconut water, it’s delicious coffee!

***Please note that coffee orders are roasted, processed, and shipped on Wednesdays. The cutoff for orders is 12:00 pm each Tuesday.***